Need Extra Funding? Here's How You Can Be Attractive to Investors

June 26, 2014

Starting a business is difficult enough, especially with all the tribulations that come with it. Raising funds, however, could be an entirely different level of difficulty altogether because of how the economy is fairing these days and with investors becoming extra meticulous with the companies that they choose to invest in.

So, how can a startup like yours attract these hard-to-please investors? Think of it like wooing a girl:

Be clear with your intentions. This will separate you from the wannabes.

Guys who like girls but don't clearly express their intentions often get dumped and it could be the same thing for your business. Investors want start-ups that know exactly why they're starting a business. Simply put: they want you to have a clear goal. Present them with a concise and well-articulated business plan. Come up with a clear structure as well. How about an LTC company at It lets you directly transfer income and expenditure to shareholders. And the process of establishing this structure doesn't have to be complicated because you can seek professional assistance.

When you have these aspects organised, investors will surely have a hard time resisting you. Read up on these posts to learn how you can create a business plan:

Put your best foot forward, especially with finances.

Case in point: a girl will never date a guy who doesn't meet her standards, no matter how simple they are. This goes the same with business. You'll never be considered qualified for small loans from APSBS in Melbourne and other investors if they think that you're not worthy of it. So, how can you prove yourself to them? Simple, put your best foot forward, especially with your finances. Good financial management is a must for any startup, especially since it will take a few months or even a year for you to start gaining good ROI.

While managing your money can be difficult when you're new in business, you don't need to worry because companies like Nelmo & Co Accountants can help you out. You can also use business accounting software to make organising your books a lot easier. Visit to know more about this option.

Of course, there's one other thing that could easily make any girl, or in this case, any investor swoon over you, and that is your attention to detail. You might not be the most attractive business out there, but if you know how to pay attention to tiny details that define your brand, especially those that are often forgotten by other companies, investors will know that you are worth taking a risk for.

Just like the case of wooing a girl, it's all about keeping it real. You don't have to come with pomp and blare or be the knight in shining armour that others would like to be. You just have to be you—a company that while small, is willing to work hard for success and will do everything possible to achieve its goals. Remember that hard work, planning and good character can beat talent at any time of the day.

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