The Perfect Skill Set to Look for an Invaluable Accountant

July 01, 2015

The role of an accountant in any venture is always considered important. Without this financial expert on board, business owners will find it hard to make the right decisions. Why? Because accountants are responsible for analysing a company's income and overheads and gathering important financial data and, without these information, entrepreneurs can't make wise investment decisions, make the most of their assets and manage their venture efficiently.

With these in mind, you'll see how important it is to look for accountants who have invaluable skill sets and can help you create a successful company. But don't just hire the first financial expert you come across with; instead, take the time to decide if you want to have an in-house accountant to outsource all your accounting tasks to a reputable company. If you opt for the former, look for a reputable recruitment company who'll help you conduct examinations, do interviews and ultimately find the right candidate to hire. If you decide to outsource, find a firm who offers high-quality accounting services like us here at Nelmo & Co.

Another thing you should do is to learn about the qualities that accountants should have. Not all financial experts are created equal, so you should know how to spot those who can give you great value for money and those who can't. Some of the things you should look for include:

  1. Attention to detail

Just a couple of slip-ups in a balance sheet can result to huge financial losses and even complicated lawsuits. Fortunately, when you hire an accountant who's detail-orientated, you know that there's only a minimal margin of error and that your accounts won't have any discrepancies.

  1. Organisation and structure

Accountants have numerous tasks, including analysing financial data, creating reports and statements and liaising with the HMRC. So, as a rule, they have to be organised so they won't lose important papers and miss key deadlines. They should also have a structured daily routine so they'll be productive and efficient and won't waste their time (and waste your money in the process).

  1. Competence in communication

Being an accountant is not all about being holed up in a cubicle and typing away on a laptop. Rather, it's also about explaining complicated concepts using simple English terms so clients can understand what's going on with their financial transactions. It even involves having the patience to answer numerous questions and return dozens of calls (or reply to countless e-mails) made by frantic entrepreneurs.

So, unless you have a degree in finance and are familiar with accounting jargon, it's important to find someone who'll help you understand the financial side of your business and keep you updated every step of the way.

Accountants possessing these qualities will be a great addition to your business. So, whether you get the help of a recruitment company or outsource your accounting, take note of the skills listed above to find the best possible person for your company!