Inexpensive Cities in the World You Should Visit

February 08, 2013

When was the last time you rewarded yourself with some rest and relaxation? Chances are, if you are too busy with your career, you will not be able to remember anymore. If, say, for the past couple of months you have been so busy with things, the stress that results from all your efforts might start to take its toll on you. Thus, you must give yourself a getaway from all those daily hustle and bustle that you deal with.

1. Phnom Penh, Cambodia
If you have been dying to learn more about the Asian culture, why not walk the streets of this historical metropolitan area. There have been a lot of misconceptions about this country as being violent, which discourages a lot of tourists. But the truth of the matter is, this is actually a great place to explore as its architectural wonders are to die for and they have an array of natural sights that can leave you breathless.

2. New Delhi, India
Are you looking for a place that can trigger your spirituality? Look no further for there is no better location you can find than Mahatma Gandhi's hometown. Although it has been often depicted as humid city because of its climate, it actually has a number of luxurious places you can stay in that will not cost you too much.

3. Budapest, Hungary
On the other hand, if you are trying to get a taste of a European travel experience without the dizzying price tags, then the land of the sausages is your place to be. This metro is actually considered as "Paris of the East" which means that you should not expect anything less but a great time when you get here!

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