Scheduling Team Building Games and Other Methods

July 29, 2013

One of a manager's or executive's most important tasks is to keep spirits up in the workplace. With stress levels in organisations and companies at an all-time high, this is not always easy to accomplish. However, there are a couple of strategies that you can use that will get the job done. While a few of them may cost you a pretty penny, you will find that they are well worth the investment.

  1. You should financially reward your personnel, otherwise they will leave. Whether it is a yearly salary increase, a cash bonus, or extra days off with pay, just do something that adds real value to people. It is also imperative that you ensure they receive their earnings on time. What you can do would be to book the assistance of specialists when it comes to preparing annual accounts, filing grant claims, and processing the payroll should.
  2. You ought to promote an open environment. This means that you should be very transparent on requirements, expectations, duties, assignments, and goals for each individual without having to micromanage. An excellent move would be to make arrangements for team building games and events regularly. You can perhaps hold it once a month so that your subordinates will feel more comfortable approaching superiors.
  3. You need to book IT training for your staff. In this present age, most ventures utilise technology in the smooth running of their operations. Should this apply with your enterprise, it is important that you ascertain that your people know how to properly use devices such as computers and printers when performing their jobs. You can achieve this by acquiring the help of system consultants and advisers in instructing your employees.
  4. You must give proper recognition to deserving personnel. You can perhaps create a plaque or a certificate then present it with the rest of the labour force watching. You could also hand out rewards like gift cards, cash, or coffee tumblers to those with the highest quality or to men and women who always reach quantity targets. Or, you can simply leave a sincere thank you note on their desks after each day for them to read the following shift.
  5. You might want to furnish them with unexpected perks. You can supply them with fresh doughnuts and bagels as breakfast every morning, speciality drinks (i.e. soda, juice, etc.) for them to sip on during lunch, biscuits and other snacks in the afternoons, free laundry service for their uniforms or smart suits, wonderful discounts at a nearby daycare centre for the parents, and even multivitamins to ensure that they remain in good health.

You should always remember that an unhappy subordinate is an unproductive one. Your company needs to pursue policies such as the five discussed above to help your business become a more enjoyable place to work. Not only will your labour force start to look forward to their shifts, but your organisation will benefit from the new-found efficiency. And of course, when word of your perks gets around, it will make it much easier to attract and recruit the most talented individuals in the job pool.