Setting Up Your Team for a Business Expansion

April 08, 2013

Hiring the right people to help you in your business expansion is essential. So to succeed in your new venture, hire a team of people who can handle your international affairs. From hiring a consultant to consulting with a local solicitor in Gibraltar, here are points to consider when creating your expansion team.


Expanding your business overseas requires the same amount of research and focus as starting a business from scratch. It presents new challenges in an unfamiliar market, so creating a solid business plan is critical.

To succeed in your new venture, you must first make a viable business plan that clearly shows your goals and strategies, as well as your contingency plans. This will help you concentrate on your goals and keep you committed to your strategies.

Although it seems easy enough to draw up a plan, you will need to do a lot of research about the new market. Because of the time and effort it takes to get enough market information, most companies opt to consult with an expert. A business consultant can keep you updated with the latest local market forecast and connect you with other local businesses. They can also help you create useful strategies that will cater to your new clients.


As your business grows, your financial profile gets more complicated. So aside from your accountant, you will also need the help of a financial manager.

A financial manager can handle all the functions that involve cash inflows and outflows. He will be in charge of your payroll system as well as your potential mergers and acquisitions.

Since you will be taking in a new staff overseas and developing a relationship with local businesses, they will ensure that any of your financial transactions comply with the national and local regulations.

They will also work hand in hand with your accountant to process any tax or duties.


When expanding into the international scene, you become open to being imitated or copied. This is especially true for countries that do not have a solid patent and trademark law. So to avoid any problems with copyright or the like, it is important to consult with a solicitor.

Aside from patent issues, you may also experience problems with the country's customs as well as the worker claims or unions. To protect your right and interests, you need to understand the local laws and regulations so a solicitors in Gibraltar, for example, is best to consult with.

When building your company overseas, it is important to not underestimate the local market and regulations, so build a strong team to support you in the planning and execution of your business expansion plan.