How An Accountant Can Help Your Small Business Start Up

April 22, 2015

It's not easy to start a business, but there are many reasons why it's such a popular dream. It offers a means of independence and doing what you love, whether it's a career you've done for many years, or a whole new endeavour. There is a lot of support out there too that are just waiting for you to maximise and profit from. For instance, there is this very helpful risk management advice by a corporation called Lloyd's. They specialise in providing insurance products for businesses who are serious in mitigating risks and working towards financial stability.

There are other specialist services as well and it is highly advisable to get someone qualified to look after your finances. One of the first things small business owners should do is look for an accountant, and they do much more than simply prepare your taxes. Many accountants offer business support services such as:

  • Financial advice
  • Long term financial planning
  • Developing systems
  • Payroll and book-keeping advice
  • Budgets and business plans

This means that you can get the advice you need on practical business matters, giving you the chance to spend more time growing your company and doing all the essentials that small business owners need to do.


When you decide you want to start a business, it's often the moral support that's important, and this should come from experienced people who have worked with many small business owners. Specialist advice means that you can discuss your plans, and find the best way to put them in motion, and accountants can also help when it comes to getting the funding sorted out.


From start up to growth, every business wants to grow and expand, and the right accountant can help make the right plan. This can include:

  • Getting the right funding
  • Coming up with projections
  • Making important decisions
  • Deciding if you can afford extra staff

This makes the whole decision making process so much easier, and means you can be secure in your choices. It's always good to find risk management advice for business, and to get other special corporate help, to ensure that all your bases are covered to give you peace of mind.


It's hard to know what the future will hold when it comes to your own finances, let alone those of your company, and good financial planning is essential to ensure that you can get through tough times. This will help you build up a solid financial base, and means you can get through seasonal lulls and quiet times.

Finances are a big part of starting a business, whether it's your first endeavour, or you're trying to build up your empire. That's why getting advice early on is important, and you should also look for an accountant that can offer you regular appointments to review your situation. By getting an accountant that you can trust, and getting regular reviews, there's a better chance of you meeting your goals, and getting your business off the ground. There are many types of business that you might want to open, whether you're working alone, or planning to take on staff, and if you decide you want to try something new in life then this could be a great plan.